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Construction Power Tools

Magnetic Drill Machine - SMD502
Magnetic Drill Machine
Two Speed Variable Slide Magnetic Core Drill SMD502 SMD502 Introduction Target group & Applications SMD352 & SMD502 Introduction The SMD two-speed series machines are a step up from the SMD351 series because they have the additional feature of two-speed gearbox, which allows a wider range of cutter diameters to be used while maintaining maximum torque. For drilling with annular cutters in steel, the SMD352 is rated at 42 mm and the SMD502 is rated at 50 mm, with both using up to 50 mm length cutters. The difference between these two models is in their gear ratios. Generally, the gear ratio of the SMD502 is more optimized for using large diameter HSS cutters, while the gearing of the SMD352 is optimized for using TCT cutters and slightly smaller HSS cutters. But of course, either machine can mount either type of cutter. The SMD series feature a quick-release spindle, allowing easy cutter changes. Although their primary purpose is drilling with annular cutters, they are also well adapted to using other cutting tools. As annular cutters cannot make holes smaller than about 12mm, a 3-jaw chuck can be easily mounted with the optional quick-release chuck adaptor, allowing twist drills to be used. In addition, other types of cutting tools such as countersinks, counterbores, and reamers can be mounted. Since some cutting tools require a higher starting spindle height, the SMD series has a variable slide height feature. This makes the machine very versatile and useful for a wide range of metalworking applications and industries. 2 speed 1100 W magnetic drilling machine with quick-release arbor and adjustable slide height. Choose the SMD 352 for cutters up to Ø 35 x 50 mm and the SMD 502 for cutters up to Ø 50 x 50 mm. Both are capable of twist drilling up to 1/2" shank. 2 speed gear box for optimized torque and cutting speed for a wide range of cutting tools. The quick-adjustable variable height slide allows quick conversion between cutters and twist drills. Lower for cutters, raise for twist drills. The Quick-Release arbor makes it quick and tool-free to change cutters and accessories. ‍ Power: 1100 W Max. Capacity: Annular Cutters: 50 mm x 50 mm | Twist Drills: 13 mm shank x 140 mm Type: Annular Cutting | Twist Drilling
Concrete Skill Saw - C16
Concrete Skill Saw
Concrete Saw C16 C16 Introduction & Target Group This saw is an indispensable tool for concrete cutters, construction professionals, or anyone who needs to cut reinforced concrete, especially indoors. Its 3200 W motor provides the power for the fastest possible cutting and its electronic controls grant excellent performance, motor protection, and operator useability. It incorporates a variety of useful features to maximize work efficiency.     Applications This saw is a concrete cutter’s go-to tool, being the fastest and most economical solution in most situations. It uses a 16” blade for up to 150 mm depth of cut. With the required flange and blade, it is also capable of flush cutting. The tool can perform wet cutting as well as dry cutting and can use the highly effective dust skid.  Being electric, this tool is essential for any indoor cutting applications, especially in basements, where the more common petrol cutters are strictly not allowed. Another big advantage of electric over petrol is for applications when the saw is needed to make a series of quick cuts, with other work needed to be done in between each cut. In such conditions, it’s very inconvenient to be restarting the petrol engine each time another cut is needed.      The C16 is the essential tool in any concrete cutter’s arsenal.  405 mm handheld wet or dry concrete saw with 3200 W motor for up to 150 mm depth of cut. Ideal for in-door cutting. LED Indicator Indicates load conditions (electronic & thermal protection). Integrated water feed system with fine adjustable flow and quick release coupling. Tool-free detachable guide rollers for perpendicular cuts and reduced operator fatigue. Tool-free detachable splash guard. Tool-free blade guard angle adjustment. Handles designed for optimal control. Vacuum port for dust or slurry collection with cap. Quick removable brush for slurry. Externally accessible brushes. Power:3200 W (220V) | 3000 W (110V) Max. Capacity:150 mm Depth of Cut Type:Wet or Dry Dry Capacity:123
Concrete Drill - DM52D, DM52P
Concrete Drill
Dry / Wet Diamond Core Drill Motors DM52D, DM52P DM52D, DM52P INTRODUCTION The machine is equipped with a tubular spirit level to aid in aligning when drilling horizontally. By positioning the machine so that the bubble is in the center of the window one can drill a straight hole. This machine is for the intended purpose of diamond core drilling of concrete, masonry, stone and similar materials. It may also be mounted on a rig (drilling stand). All other uses which are not for the intended purpose are prohibited. It is equipped with a two speed gearbox. All models are equipped with a mechanical safety clutch. All models have electronics for soft start, overload protection, thermal protection.  Features 2 speed gearbox with clutch for a wide range of sizes. Electronic motor management with soft start, overload and thermal protection. Horizontal spirit level for precise alignment. Switchable soft percussion for optimized dry drilling. Side handle in-line with spindle centerline for best control. Light, high efficiency 1800 W, 2-speed coring motors for dry drilling up to 222 mm and occasional wet drilling up to 82 mm. 2 speed gearbox with clutch for a wide range of sizes. Electronic motor management with soft start, overload and thermal protection. Horizontal spirit level for precise alignment. Switchable soft percussion for optimized dry drilling. Side handle in-line with spindle centerline for best control. Power:1800 W Max. Capacity:182 mm (dry) | 82 mm (wet) Type:Dry drilling (brick) | Wet drilling
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Construction Power Tools

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Owing to our wide industry experience since 1989, we have been offering Construction Power Tools, such as Airless Paint Sprayers, Concrete Diamond Core Drill, Concrete Grinder, Concrete Sander, Concrete Saw, Concrete Vibrator, Concrete Wall Chaser, Dry Wall Sander, Metal Working Tool and many more to our esteemed clients. These are widely used in Heavy Duty Machinery, Processing, Construction, Automobile and Electrical Industries. All offered tools are developed from high-grade components & latest techniques in compliance with set standards of the industry.

Aiming to provide premium quality machineries and equipments. Due to its experience in manufacturing for over decades,LEE YEONG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. has acquired tremendous technical skills and specialization in this field. Innovation, flexibility, performance, and versatility are the key areas of focus in the design and development of our equipment. The range is specifically designed by our expert team of engineers and technicians to meet the needs of our valued customers. Our quality controllers supervise each and every stage of the production process, leaving no stone unturned in delivering flawless products.

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